4FASHIONSHAKE IV Soiree at SHOP Ermou 112A: The brands

Yesterday evening Ozon Raw Magazine organized as part of 4FASHIONSHAKE IV a soiree at concept store SHOP! With live performances in the shop windows and a fashion video.

Models were wearing clothes of the brands Custo Barcelona, Ben Sherman, Superdry, Hope and Designers Remix Collection in the shop window (see previous post) and they changed in front of the public!

Here a few words and snapshots on the brands displayed in the shop windows:

Designers Remix is a brand by Charlotte Eskildsen.
Charlotte Eskildsen is Danish and has a strong directional signature where she brings abstract minimalism to elegance. She has an architectural approach to every aspect of the design process. Her unique design manifest is all about artistic ideas, 3D tailoring as well as draping and cutting. Her vision is to create an avant-garde angle on modern classics such as the tuxedo and the LBD.
The essence of Charlotte Eskildsen is expressed in four words – art, positivity, creativity and ‘iki’, referring to the beauty of simplicity.
After receiving her degree as a fashion designer from the Design Management School in Kolding, Denmark, Charlotte Eskildsen was chosen as a “Rising Star” by the Danish business magazine, Berlinske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin, alongside other talented individuals under age 30 representing a range of categories from business to astrophysics.
In year 2007, Charlotte received the most prestigious design award you can get in Denmark, “The Golden Pin” (Guldknappen), from the Danish fashion magazine Alt for Damerne. Charlotte was also nominated as the "Best Danish Designer" by 400 fashion professionals in the first Dansk Fashion Award ever given. Most recently, she was nominated for the Costume Awards in Norway. A few of her designs available in SHOP.


Custo Barcelona is a Spanish Fashion Brand, started in the early 80's by the Dalmau brothers, Custo and David after a long trip during which they travelled all around the world. Their journey allowed them to discover not only new landscapes but the most varied of artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions.
Amongst the things they found to be most worthy of interest were the typically Californian style they saw on the surfers who lived in the southern part of the state and the psychedelic look they observed in the northern part. The brothers were impressed by the colorful and innovative fashion trends they came across, and in particular the style of the tops and T-shirts which didn’t exist in Spain in those days.
Using the above as a starting point, the brand was launched under the name “Custo Line”.
The Dalmau brothers got to work and learned everything there was to know about printing techniques and finishings, paying special attention to graphic design, a field they felt particularly comfortable with. Through time, their research on the use of color and prints has given risen rise to designs that are innovative, bold and sophisticated.
Nowadays Custo Barcelona is known for its boldly patterned and colorful designs. Even if it is a less formal style of designwear, Custo Barcelona is considered a top fashion brand, and has won many design awards, including Marie Claire's Designer of the Year Award, and the GQ fashion award.

Superdry is a British brand established by Julian Dunkerton and inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003, Superdry fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana, with the values of British tailoring.
The result – unique urban clothing, with incredible branding and an unrivalled level of detailing. Such distinctiveness has gained the brand exclusive appeal, as well as an international celebrity following. They provide men's and women's wear.

Ben Sherman was founded in 1963 by Arthur Bernard Sugarman (1925-1987), who was born in Brighton. He emigrated to the United States in 1946 via Canada and changed his nationality to American. He married the daughter of a Californian clothes producer and went back to Brighton later where he bought a concourse shirt factory. The brand became famous for being sported by several well-known musicians and singers. It was the first company to produce the famous Oxford button-down shirt. The Ben Sherman brand has since been the fourth largest men's casual wear brand in the United Kingdom.

Hope is a Swedish fashion label created and run by the designers Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg. The first woman collection was launched in Autumn 2002 and in 2005 a collection for men was added to the concept.
It begun as a creative discussion between two friends, Ann and Stefan, who both are passionate and extremely interested in well-made utility wear. - We found modern and useful Outerwear and Trousers for men but none for women.
At SHOP they bring the men's wear collection.
 And now time for the party, supported by Dogkas wines, see my next post.

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