Yves Saint Laurent - Look Noël 2011 - How to apply

Friday afternoon at Attica Department Store in the center of Athens Fred Letailleur, European Make-up Artist for YSL, came to show us how to apply the new line of Yves Saint Laurent Look Noël 2011 as you could read in my previous post. Inspired by YSL's tuxedo, first designed in 1966...and the smokey eyes.

The start, introducing Fred Letailleur and model Katerina Tsernou

Fred started with a eye pencil

And the result

Followed by using the Eye Shadow Palette: Black Tuxedo Noel 2011, also called Noir Terriblement.
 Four matte, satiny and iridescent shades plus a highlighter. Nesting inside a gold case, adorned by a pleated belt and embroidered with the Yves Sasint Laurent logo.  It can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet.


And now the luxurious mascara

And the face highlighter

And now preparing for the lips with Golden Gloss no. 48

Some guests asked for rouge and Fred showed us how to put it too.

And the final result!

Coming up on this blog will be the use of Blanc Terriblement of Look Noel 2011 featuring Adela.
I am not a make up artist so if I didn't mention somethiing right let me know!

TUXEDO is the icon of Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe. With a reference to the pictures of Helmut Newton.
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