Maison The Faux & Future Generation @ MBFWA - a glimpse of day 5

Yesterday at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam as part of the 24th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam it was all about new technologies, designers experiences in installations, innovation and smart fashion.

Zyanya Keizer & Solkin Keizer
The Mercedes-Benz cars at the entrance were replaced by Smart cars as it was about the theme of the day!

The transformatorhuis turned into Brave Monday Hotel with 8 rooms. Each room displayed an interesting installation.

Karin Vlug and Laura Duncker about smart fashion production. Martijn Nekoui from MOAM about what is fashion, Sophie Hardeman on Blue & You, Camiel Fortgens on Hey, Hey, Hey, OK,...
Jasna Rok on fashion of brainwaves, Zyanya & Solkin Keizer on re-connecting, Anneloes van Osselaer on Instashame and Cry Havoc presented a film, the concept was by Desireee Brands, Jazz Kuipers, Joris Weerts and executed by Dogs of War.

Golden joinery was about a concept of repairing clothes with gold en Blond & Bieber presented algaemy,  turning paint from green into blue by UV lights.
Fashion Talks with Anouk Tan on technology and gender diversity.
And the closing of the fashion week was with different kind of fashion show by Maison The Faux. Instead of being a spectator Maison the Faux let us join the hysteria around a fashion show.
More will follow in one of my next posts.

Here a glimpse of the 5th day.

Brave Monday Hotel

Brave Monday Hotel

Karin Vlug & Laura Duncker

Anneloes van Osselaer

Fashion is .... by Martijn Nekoui

Blond & Bieber

Anouk Tan's fashion talks

Maison The Faux

Maison The Faux

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