Masterclass with Brendan de Clercq

Yesterday I had the pleasure to join the masterclass of Brendan de Clercq in Rotterdam and learn all about light shaping.

Brendan informed us all about the different kind of light shapers, about direct, reflecting and spill lights. But not only in theory, we had the opportunity to practice our learnings.

It was great to see how with a single light source you can create amazing photos. Adding another light source you create pieces of art! Light shaping is essential in photography, like the old Masters using their brushes in paintings. So I created my first 'Rembrandt' as Brendan told us, this is 'Rembrandt' light.

Talitha captured by Patricia Munster
This photo is taken with spill light, or the so called 'Rembrandt' light
Here a glimpse of the masterclass.

Essential in studios is the light meter according to Brendan

Photo by Patricia Munster
With the modelling light you can get a preview of the photoshoot and even with a white background you can create in the photo a dark background.

Setting a second light.

And one of the results with two lights

In this photo you see the use of a beauty disk with grid.

In this photo I used the beauty disk with a white reflector

The photos are not retouched.

Thank you Brendan for the inspiring and informative day and Talitha, our model, for her patience!

Photo by Patricia Munster

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