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Rotterdam Zoo or better known to the dutch as Diergaarde Blijdorp organised a photo contest to have a closer look at nature "Natuur Dichtbij".

As I love to photograph wildlife in my free time I decided to participate in the contest. So this post is not about fashion or art but wildlife has always been an inspiration for designers and artists.

By walking around in the zoo and seeing so many animals it is hard to decide which photo to select.

Diergaarde Blijdorp asked for specific animals in the following areas of the park so the selection narrowed:

Oceanium: sturgeon, dogfish, nursehound, herring and puffin.
Asia: European otter.
Europe: wolf and forest reindeer.
Arctic: polar bear and arctic fox.

But also birds flying over and enjoying their stay in the zoo like storks, sparrows and spotted woodpeckers.

I started at the Oceanium but to be honest it is very dark to photograph inside so the only shot I did was of these fish and a shark. The nurse hound was to fast swimming to get a proper photo.
A kind of shark

In Asia I was lucky to spot two otters together.
European otters

European otters

And one swimming and enjoying the water

European Otter

European Otter

My journey continued to Europe, first I spotted the reindeer.

Forest Reindeer

followed by wolves!




But my favourite place to photograph was the Arctic, spotting the polar bears. Sizzel and Todz are a twin and only a year old, playing all the time! It is a joy for the eye just looking at them.

Polar bear

Polar bears

Polar bear

Todz, the polar bear

Polar Bear
Todz surrounded by birds, trying to eat his meal!

And my final choice for the photo contest you can see also on the website of Rotterdam Zoo - Diergaarde Blijdorp.

I selected this photo because of the cute polar bears and of the many birds as it was the assignment "Natuur dichtbij"!

Today the 14th of January Blijdorp Diergaarde - Rotterdam Zoo announced that my photo is nominated in their contest!
Do you like my photo too, please like it on their Facebook page ! So I have a chance to win!
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