Two Legged Creatures @ Amsterdam Fashion Week

During the 24th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam fashion label Two Legged Creatures showed its first collection for fall/winter 2016/2017 called 'MetroPolar' on the catwalk.

Stefanie Klompenhouwer, the designer behind Two Legged Creatures, put an intriguing show for her guests and the fashion press.
On the catwalk we saw three dishes. Two models appeared on high red shoes and stepped in the dishes. One of the models walked to the next dish, leaving a red trail. And again she stepped in a dish filled with red paint. Creating a 'bloody' trail on the white catwalk as each model followed the footsteps of the first model.

Amsterdam Fashion Week

But it was not all to see, the eyes of the models were decorated with small pieces of paper in white, red and grey, warrior braids, the clothing was full of asymmetric designs and some 'bloody' painting. The designers used whites, greys and beiges in her colour pallet. Some of the designs looked very comfortable and must-haves!
Stefanie wanted to show to us that people are becoming working robots, looking alike, staring all day at screens, focusing on targets and numbers.

TLC is an up-and-coming slow fashion brand for the ambitious, design loving two-legged creature. Ideal for those who like to combine professionalism with a style that makes heads turn. TLC collections consist of ultra-comfortable yet clean-cut and stylized ready-to-wear. The functional and multi-seasonal designs exude power and elegance for the entrepreneurial individual.
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