Daniela Pais at Congo Palace

Yesterday afternoon Daniela Pais showed a glimpse of her summer collection at Congo Palace Hotel in Glyfada as part of the Aqua Party organized by Fazma Models & Events.

Her models changed during the show their outfits showing the possibilities of each garment. The designs are part of the Elementum collection. Here a few words on it:

"Elementum by Daniela Pais
A clothing collection based on the total use of a piece of a cloth where minimum cuts provide maximum use.
Elementum results from a research about industrialized models and behaviors and from a study into other models of consumption, both prompted by the magnitude of consumption waste from products that characterizes our society.
Following three main lines: Simple, Sustainable and Refine, these pieces function as a scarf, dress, along with a shirt, jacket, skirt and trousers.
Elementum invites you to develop new perspectives about your body, identity expression and consumption." (Source: Occhi)
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