Sara Longoria for Gomes Esser Design

Sara Longoria is the new face for Gomes Esser Design Spring/Summer 2012 "The Perfection of Imperfection" .

Backstage Fashion Show Gomes Esser Design at AIFW

Sara Longoria in Gomes Esser Design at AIFW SS2012

We did meet Sara already during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, see my post on it,  and for the followers of America's Next Top Model, she was a participant at Cycle 16.

Photographer Giusy de Ceglia captured Sara, click here for all the collection.

The label Gomes Esser Design (GED) was founded in 2006 by Aleyda Gomes and Denise Esser.  In 2011, the official company ‘ Gomes Esser Design’ was born in Amsterdam.  The characteristics of Gomes Esser Design are innovative, quality, durable, timeless and the future.

Gomes Esser Design start designing from the stand point of material and they always challenge themselves to work with various components that are not necessarily compatible to create a combination of opposition. In their creations the focus lies on the transformation of a structured movement into more organic features to underline the exaggeration phase that is due to this process. The materialization of ideas makes Gomes Esser Design unique.
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