Fashion Finder introduces 34 Disciples

Fashion Finder brings brands like Rare London, Coco’s Fortune, Paprika and Opulence England and likes to introduces their new brand: 34 Disciples.

Veiled in the cover of darkness.
Deep underground.
The thirty four disciples work tirelessly at the loom.
Transforming the finest threads with craftsmanship and vision beyond their time.
Devout, they carry the fraternity mark branded upon their skin.

Known only by those who recognise the mark.
The thirty four disciples’ quest is to bring forth transcendent garments: unique and beautiful works.
Followers pledge their allegiance by adorning themselves in the garments. and by passing word to the worthy: those whose initiation into the fraternity has been foretold. now one of the chosen.
They hold the knowledge of the fraternity of the cloth, of the thirty four disciples.
Soon, the opportunity will arrive for you to pledge allegiance, to become a follower, a believer, one of the fraternity.

The collection will be available at ASOS and
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