Marga Weimans at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Yesterday evening Marga Weimans presented for the first time a catwalk show during Amsterdam Fashion Week. She is known by participating in various exhibitions and presentations in Paris. Cities and architecture play an important role in her collection and are reflected in material, color and shape. Interactivity is key.

Hair and make up by L'Oréal (Redken and Maybelline)

Highlight of her collection was the 'Vodafone Dress', a dress consisting of three hundred mobile phones. The mobile activity ensures that the dress is put into effect and changes color when dialed by the audience.

Immediately after the show Weimans took the audience into the story behind her designs by launching a large installation called Fashion House, in which she shows her inspiration and innovative technology. This Fashion House literally gives insight into the dream future, the rationale and design process of the designer. More in a next post.
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  1. I shared you link with my followers because I enjoyed the artistic infusions. However, I do wished to see more about the men's fashion. I see you sidelined it by placing a photo on the menu. Sadly, it had no description and is merely treated as decoration. I seriously feel there should be more talk about men's fashion and it shouldnt be treated as just a spare lightbulb on blogs and fashion shows.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I do capture sometimes men's wear. Yesterday I did the show of Melissa Siegrist and I will share it soon on my blog.


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