Konstantinos Mitrovgenis impresses at The Bridge of Fashion

On the 24th of June at the pier in Heringsdorf on the isle of Usedom in Germany greek fashion designer Konstantinos Mitrovgenis impressed the audience at The bridge of Fashion by presenting his 'Metamorphosis' collection. (See his latest collection of him at AXDW by clicking here)
Konstantinos Mitrovgenis participated at «New Designers Awards» of the 10th AXDW and won 2 awards, that of «Best New Designer» and «Best Catwalk». As the winner of the first prize «Best New Designer», he won the unique opportunity to participate in a fashion week abroad, exclusively assured by the organization.
Athens Xclusive Designers Week is aiming on exporting greek fashion and is promoting greek fashion desginers inside and outside of Greece.
AXDW made is possible for Konstantinos Mitrovgenis to show his latest collection in a developed market like Germany.
Photo courtesy of AXDW 

32 models carried out a true catwalk marathon. The distance of 400 meters between the two sides of the bridge has to be overcome. The audience is sitting in the first row. On one side of the bridge there was the catwalk, on the other side the guests were seated.

Der griechische Designer Konstantinos Mitrovgenis experimentiert gern.
Photos by Sandra Grüning for Nordkurier
Im Handumdrehen wird aus einem Abendkleid ein sportliches Outfit.
A setting of this kind is rare: sea view, the beach, and the models are walking on the catwalk very closely to the audience.

The ZDF-site team for the European Football Championship was very cooperative and made it possible that the large video wall for the fashion show was used.  Joachim Jaeckel, leading successful since 2004 at the Carmen Nebel show director, is delighted at his job. "This is an open-air staging, a bit different than our major studio productions with Carmen Nebel. The production design of the ZDF beach football with a stage and catwalk attrats me very much in the open air "The cameras can capture many details of the collections, and the audience -. No matter where they sit - they can watch everything like a giant screen.  Instead footballers calves there will be seen therefore model legs, instead of EM football jerseys international fashion design. And the ZDF area is so even for those who are interested not only in football, an attractive place to be.

In the BRIDGE participated designers from 11 footballing nations: Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Germany.  "What we get to see the designers, is already highest level. Because people need to fashion before
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